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How to get to Ghosties Beach’s sea caves in the Central Coast of NSW

Updated on: March 2024

So you’re looking for a beautiful, serene beach to relax on and enjoy some adventures while at it? Look no further than Ghosties Beach in the Catherine Hill Bay area! This small beach is nestled between some giant sand dunes and offers a beautiful experience for visitors.

Here are a few reasons why people love visiting Ghosties Beach cave:

  • The setting is absolutely gorgeous – you’ll feel like you’re in paradise at a secluded beach!
  • There is no direct access from any car parking, so it is the perfect quiet place to unwind and forget about your worries. The cliff wall is gorgeous!
  • There are plenty of things to do while there, including swimming, sunbathing and exploring the fantastic sea caves and rock pools in the area! We believe this is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Central Coast.

How to get to Ghosties Beach

Just around Flat Rocks Point, Ghosties Beach is a small beach hidden treasure on the Central Coast of New South Wales in Australia. It’s secluded between some giant sand dunes and has a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. If you’re looking for a place to relax and enjoy the stunning views, Ghosties Beach, close to Lake Macquarie, is definitely worth visiting.

If you don’t have your own car, you can hire one here.

Planning your trip

Make sure you plan your trip well to enjoy everything Ghosties Beach has to offer. There’s plenty to do, so make sure you have enough time to enjoy it!

If you plan to visit the sea caves, the most important thing to prepare for is the tide and the swell. You want low tide and low swell to be able to safely explore the caves.

Check this website before deciding on a time and day to visit Ghosties Beach cave.

How to get there

The quickest way to get to Ghosties Beach is by car. Just head to Moonee Beach on the Central Coast of New South Wales and park your car next to a sign that says “beach access”. Moonee Beach is just one and a half hours from Sydney.

Take the trail down towards the beach, just a 200m walk and head south along Moonee Beach. From the car park, you’ll walk along a narrow strip of sand dunes before reaching Ghosties Beach. The trek from the parking lot to the beach is about 1 km and is mostly flat.

What to bring

  • Swimmers – don’t forget your swimmers! Ghosties Beach is the perfect place to swim and cool off on a hot day.
  • Sunscreen – make sure you pack sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Food and drinks – if you plan on spending the whole day there, pack some food and drinks. There are no shops at Ghosties Beach or anywhere close.
  • Beach towels – don’t forget to pack your beach towels!
  • Phone and/or camera – you will want to take photos of the beautiful views you will get

What to expect

Ghosties Beach offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean, so make sure you bring your camera to capture the moment.

Ghosties Beach is the perfect place to unwind and forget about your worries with its beautiful setting and incredible views. Once you are there, make sure you enjoy the serene and relaxing atmosphere.

If you are up for it, check the sea caves. There are at least two of them to explore there. Keep reading to find more information on both.

Ghostie Beach Slit Drone Shot

Ghosties Beach – Rainbow cave

The entrance to this incredible Ghosties Beach cave is a big crack in the cliff at the south end of the beach as if you were heading towards Timber Beach – super easy to find. Again, you’ll need low tide, or it’s dangerous inside, so check before you go!

The crack is long and narrow, and you can walk through it to a sea cave with crazy rock colours. Depending on what time of the day you go, the colours inside the crack appears to be rainbow coloured, hence its name.

The view from inside the cave is impressive. You can see another sea cave over the ocean and the nearby cliffs.

Rainbow Cave - Ghostie beach

Ghosties Beach – Red and gold sea cave

The cave you can see from Rainbow Cave is the furthest Ghosties Beach cave. You should only access it if the tide and swell are in the right conditions; otherwise, it is too dangerous. Do not go there in a high tide time.

When we visited this cave, only Wade was brave enough to go in there, and he had water up to his chest before getting in the cave.

He said that water was coming in and filling up the cave non-stop, but there was lots of sand for him to walk around safely at very low tide. The cave is relatively small with deep red and purple rocks, and the walls were covered in bright gold-coloured rocks. The amazing colours in this cave are very different from the first cave and from the Pink Caves, so make sure you check it out if you have a chance!

Check out the Pink Cave

If you are looking for another cave adventure in Australia, consider the Pink Caves or Deep Cave Bay. They can be visited on the same day you visit Ghosties Beach cave! The location is just opposite from where Ghosties is, also accessible through Moonee Beach but in its northern end.

To find the Pink Caves, walk north along Moonee Beach towards the rocks that follow the ocean. The walk is pretty easy, and most of it is pretty flat.

The Pink Caves also require low tide and low swell, so check them out here before making your way there!

You can read everything about the Pink sea caves in this post.

inside the pink caves with wade