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How To Prime A Caravan 12v Water Pump

Updated on: June 2024

Priming a 12v caravan water pump is an important step that should not be overlooked. Without priming, the water pump will not be able to force water through the plumbing system, causing water flow issues and other problems. 

Luckily, priming your caravan’s water pump is a relatively straightforward process that only takes a few minutes. Let’s look at how to prime a caravan water pump properly.

What Is Priming A 12v Water Pump? 

Priming is the process of filling your caravan’s water pump with liquid so that it can create suction and then draw in more liquid when required. 

This is necessary because most caravan pumps are designed to run dry and will be damaged if left without liquid for too long. Therefore, it’s important to prime your caravan’s water pump each time you use it.

Why Is Priming Important? 

Priming your caravan water pump is essential because it ensures that the internal components are lubricated and functioning correctly. Without proper lubrication, these components can suffer damage or become blocked with debris and sediment, resulting in a malfunctioning pump.

This can lead to significant problems during your trip, including a lack of water pressure or no water flow at all! Taking the time to prime your pump before departure will ensure everything is running correctly and ready for use when you need it most.

Keep in mind a lot of new pumps are self-priming pumps. You will need to double-check your pump.

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Priming Your Water Pump in a Caravan

The specific steps to prime vary depending on your particular model of water pump, but in general, here’s what needs to be done.

Step 1:

Identify and locate the water pump. Typically, the water pump is located close to the freshwater tank of your caravan. It may be mounted at the bottom or near the top of the tank. Once you have located it, ensure all power sources are disconnected. 

Step 2:

Fill up the fresh water tank with clean drinking water until it reaches approximately three-quarters full. Before proceeding further, you should check that there are no air locks in any of the valves or outlets connected to the freshwater tank. 

Step 3:

Turn on all faucets and shower heads connected to your caravan’s plumbing system until they are fully open (do not close them off). This allows air pressure from within the pipes to be released, allowing for a more straightforward priming process later on.  

Step 4:

Plug in any electrical cords associated with your caravan’s water pump before turning it on using its power switch (or circuit breaker). At this point, you should start hearing some bubbling noises from inside its suction chamber as air bubbles escape into its pipes; this is normal and indicates that priming has succeeded! 

Finally, turn on all closed valves connected to your caravan’s plumbing system one by one until they’re all open again; this ensures that there is good flow throughout your entire plumbing system while also helping you identify any leaks or clogs along the way. 

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