Kangaroo Jumping

Kangaroo Whistles on A Camper Van

Updated on: May 2024

Are you a driver? Have you ever seen a kangaroo on the road? What do you do when that happens? Well, some drivers are using a new tool to avoid hitting kangaroos. It’s called a kangaroo whistle. The whistle emits a high-frequency sound that is said to startle the kangaroos and cause them to jump out of the way. But do they actually work?

We will go over what it is, how it is used, and if there is any scientific evidence to support the claim that kangaroo whistles work.

Sonic Animal Guard Installed on Camper van

How do Kangaroo Whistles Work 

In Australia, a kangaroo whistle is used to scare off wild animals when driving in areas where they live in. It can project sounds up to 40 meters on either side of the car and around 400 meters in front of it.

The ultra sonic sound is designed to scare away kangaroos and wallabies. The sound triggers a flight reflex in these animals when they hear it. Kangaroos and wallabies have good directional sense and can hear higher frequency sounds.

There are many mixed reviews online about these whistles and if they actually work. They’re a pretty cheap investment; you could save both Kangaroos and any damage to your car.

Also to note. If the speaker is failing the sound could be heard by humans. The sound could be similar to a dentist’s drill.

Types of Kangaroo Whistles Available

There are two main Kangaroo whistles available in Australia.

  • Shu Roo
  • Sonic Animal Repeller

The Shu Roo is an electronic-style device, and you will need to have the unit connected to a 12v power source for it to work. The plus with this option is that the unit will always work in all weather conditions. This option is the more expensive option.

The 2nd most common option is the sonic animal repeller. It can be purchased from your local super cheap order store for around $7. The little devices get installed on the front of your car. The wind will pass through the device, giving it a high-frequency signal.

Sho Roo Device
Sonic Animal Guards

How to Install Kangaroo Whistle

To install a kangaroo whistle on your vehicle is a straightforward task. Pick a location on your vehicle that will get plenty of airflow. Locations like the front bull bar or on the side of the car just below the mirrors are another great option.

Make sure to clean the area well to allow the double-sided tape to stick. It’s as simple as installing the sonic animal repeller high-frequency signal device.

Sonic Animal Guard Installed on Camper van

Do Kangaroos React to High-Frequency Whistles?

For many people, kangaroos are one of the first things that come to mind when they think of Australia. These unique creatures have long intrigued people from all over the world, and there is still much to learn about them.

One question that has been debated for years is whether or not kangaroos react to high-frequency whistles. While there is no definitive answer, there is some evidence to suggest that they may be able to hear these sounds.

Some people believe that the sound of a whistle will startle a kangaroo and cause it to jump away. Others believe that kangaroos can interpret the pitch of a whistle as a sign of aggression and will respond accordingly.

Kangaroos have well-developed hearing and are known to be very responsive to low-frequency sounds. In addition, their large ears are very good at detecting movement, which could come in handy for finding a food source or avoiding predators.

However, there is no concrete evidence to support either of these assertions. While it’s possible that kangaroos may react to high-frequency whistles in some way, there is simply no scientific basis for this claim.