Beauchamp Falls: The Most Scenic Waterfall Along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s most well-known scenic drives that offers breathtaking views of the ocean and surrounding landscape. This 243-kilometre stretch of road is considered one of the world’s most spectacular coastal drives.

It is also home to majestic waterfalls that cascade along the way. Among these waterfalls, Beauchamp Falls stands out as one of the most picturesque falls in the region.

In this blog post, we’ll explore what makes Beauchamp Falls stand out as the most beautiful waterfall along the Great Ocean Road.

Where is Beauchamp Falls?

Beauchamp Falls is situated in the Great Otway National Park, about 6 km inland from the coastal town of Beech Forest. It is close to several waterfalls, making it the perfect location to chase waterfalls during your Great Ocean Road itinerary.

It takes 45 minutes to drive from Apollo Bay and 1 hour from Port Campbell.

To get there:

  1. Start from Beech Forest and head east on Beech Forest-Mount Sabine Road.
  2. Turn right onto Binns Road.
  3. Drive on the dirt road to Beauchamp Falls for 3km while following the signs and being mindful of the conditions. 

The waterfall is known for its impressive vertical drop of 35 meters, visible from a distance.

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Beauchamp Falls Walk

The walk to the waterfall is 3km long, and it takes about 30 minutes (one way) to complete. It offers an up-close view of the falls, surrounding tree ferns, and towering eucalyptus trees. The trail itself is beautiful.

The trail is suitable for children and adults of all ages. It is also well-maintained, with handrails provided on any sections with slippery rocks.

The path back to the car park from the falls can be considered a long climb, mainly uphill, but the return journey only took us another 30 minutes. Despite the incline, the hike is worthwhile.

You will walk through mountain ash forests and lush rainforest in the shade so that you won’t feel the sun too much. It is recommended to bring a hat and sunscreen.

You can get to the base of the falls by following the track.

The base of Beauchamp Falls

There is a proper path, with steps, to get to the bottom of the waterfall.

The steps can be pretty wet and slightly slippery, but don’t worry; there is a handrail to help you go up and down.

After that, it’s pretty simple. You just need to navigate through a few rocks and mud before you can get to the waterfall.

In front of the pool, many rocks offer an excellent spot to unwind, admire the stunning scenery, and capture some fantastic photographs.

The waterfall is known for its impressive vertical drop of 35 meters, visible from a distance. It is one of the few waterfalls along the Great Ocean Road that maintains its flow all year round, making it a popular spot for visitors throughout the year.

The waterfall is surrounded by lush greenery.

Swimming at Beauchamp Falls

The pool at the base of the falls is a decent size, but the presence of logs and rocks reduces its swimming area.

The pool does not receive much sunlight, so you can bet the water will be cold throughout the year. If you are up for it, it would be a refreshing experience.

We visited Beauchamp Falls in October of 2022; it was pretty cold, so we didn’t jump in the water.

Getting into the pool is relatively easy, but be careful with slippery rocks and loose logs.

Beauchamp Falls Campground

There is a fantastic campsite available next to the falls car park. It was one of the best FREE campsites we have stayed at in our whole lap around Australia.

A flat and spacious area is designated for camping, with separate sections for tents, caravans, campervans, and camper trailers.

Campers have access to fire pits; picnic tables and toilets are available for people staying overnight and for day visitors in the picnic area. Parks Victoria does an excellent job at managing the area.

The place has a beautiful atmosphere and provides impressive scenery.

To ensure that you get a spot, make sure you arrive early. Remember, this is a free campsite with amenities, and it is popular for that reason.

The road leading to the campsite is not paved, but it can be easily driven by a 2WD vehicle and caravan.

Are dogs allowed at Beauchamp Falls?

Visitors are allowed to bring their dogs, but keeping them on a leash is mandatory.

How long is Beauchamp Falls?

The walk to the base of Beauchamp Falls is a 3km out-and-back trail. 

According to AllTrails, it takes an average of 49 minutes to complete the route, which is considered moderately challenging. We took 1 hour to the bottom and back.

It is common to see other people hiking or walking in this area.