Split Point Lighthouse: A Must-Visit Destination on the Great Ocean Road

If you’re planning a trip to the Great Ocean Road, visiting the Split Point Lighthouse is non-negotiable.

The historical landmark has served as a beacon of guidance for ships navigating the rugged terrain of southern Victoria since its establishment in 1891. It has become a famous landmark since being featured in the television series Round the Twist.

Embodied with a rich heritage, the lighthouse offers an enchanting experience for visitors seeking a glimpse into the past. 

For a comprehensive guide on exploring Split Point Lighthouse, keep reading this article. 

History of Split Point Lighthouse

The Split Point Lighthouse, also known as the Aireys Inlet Lighthouse, is a Victorian heritage-listed lighthouse on the Great Ocean Road in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia.

It was first established in 1891, with its primary function being to provide a reference point for ships navigating the wild and dangerous coastline of the Shipwreck Coast.

The lighthouse underwent several technological upgrades, including conversion from kerosene to electric power and the installation of a radar beacon. Despite its modernization, the lighthouse remains a significant part of Victoria’s maritime history.

During World War II, the lighthouse was dimmed to prevent enemy attacks from ships at sea. After the war, the lighthouse was re-lit in 1945. Since then, it has been maintained by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority and attracts thousands of visitors every year.

The lighthouse is currently functioning as a tourist attraction since 2005. Visitors can explore the lighthouse and appreciate the simply breathtaking views of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary, the Great Ocean Road, and Phillip Island.

Since the lighthouse’s construction, no ship has wrecked at Split Point, also known as Eagles Nest Point.

Dani and Wade with Dani's mom and aunty standing in front of the Split Point Lighthouse

How to Get There and How to Visit

Split Point Lighthouse is located on the Great Ocean Road in Aireys Inlet, Victoria, Australia.

There are multiple ways to get to the lighthouse depending on your starting location, but here are some of the most common options:

By Car

If driving, take the Great Ocean Road, and watch for the brown Split Point Lighthouse signs as you approach Aireys Inlet. Once you see the lighthouse sign, turn into Federal Street and drive approximately 1 km to the Lighthouse car park.

If you don’t have a vehicle, we recommend hiring one here.

By Public Transport

If using public transportation, take the V/Line train to Geelong and then transfer to a connecting bus. The bus service operates from Geelong, along the coast, to Apollo Bay, stopping at Aireys Inlet. Check public transport schedules for the latest timetables and bus routes.

Once at Aireys Inlet, walk from the bus stop or car park to the lighthouse.

What Split Point Lighthouse is Known For

Split Point Lighthouse is a much sought-after Australian landmark. The lighthouse is an integral part of local maritime history, having guided ships through treacherous waters for over a century.

In addition to its rich historical significance, Split Point Lighthouse is renowned for its unique architectural design. Its white and red brickwork and a circular balcony perched at the top of a flared cylindrical base make it a striking display of Victorian-era engineering prowess.

Split Point Lighthouse also holds cultural significance, thanks to its appearance in the hit Australian children’s TV series “Round the Twist.” The lighthouse’s inclusion in the series has made it famous as the Round The Twist Lighthouse among the younger generation, inspiring them to explore its history and structural beauty up close.

Today, the lighthouse serves as a prominent tourism destination, attracting visitors from around the world.

A picture of Split Point Lighthouse from far away.

Split Point Lighthouse Tours

Visitors can take guided tours of the lighthouse, which include a climb to the top of the tower, the lantern room and the balcony, where you’ll get exceptional views of the surrounding coastline.

The tours are conducted by experienced guides who will provide you with fascinating insights into the history and operation of the lighthouse and last around thirty minutes. Still, you can take as much or as little as you want to explore the Round the Twist Lighthouse.

The tours run every day, and tickets can be purchased online in advance. It’s important to note that the lighthouse is only accessible by climbing steep stairs, so it may not be suitable for those with mobility issues.

Views of a beach surrounded by cliffs at Split Point Lighthouse