A Complete BLUETTI AC180 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Campers and outdoor enthusiasts know that the key to a great adventure is a little bit of electricity. After a long day of hiking and exploring, a small grill or an electric tea kettle is necessary to complete the day. However, you can only have these luxuries with the right charging power. 

The BLUETTI AC180 is a portable power station that can take your camping trip to the next level. It uses fast and reliable energy to administer electricity to all devices that do not survive off batteries. It is also an excellent source for emergency power outages at home. 

The AC180 is being launched on the 4th of May 2023. 

Continue reading for a complete review of the BLUETTI AC180 and discover if it fits your outdoor adventures perfectly. 

Key Features

A brief rundown of the power station’s key features includes:

1800W power

Power-lifting mode with 2700W

1440W fast charging- SOC0-80% in 45 min.

Multiple ways to charge

LiFePO₄ battery

10-year expected lifespan

5-year warranty

App control 

Bluetti AC180 at the beach with a van

Why Use a Portable Power Station?

There are several methods to get power while camping, including power banks and your vehicle. However, a portable power station is one of the most widespread electrical solutions to surviving the outdoors and power outages. Here are some reasons to use one:


Portable power stations are a versatile and cost-effective solution for outdoor enthusiasts who require access to reliable electricity. With prices starting as low as $200, these compact units can provide a steady source of power for your electronic devices during your stay in the great outdoors. 

What’s more, they are built for repeated use. As such, users of these devices can expect to make their money go a long way.


Typically, a user can charge their portable power station in different ways, including a wall outlet or solar power. Using natural energy to charge the station is eco-friendly and helps your wallet. 

The general rechargeable feature of power stations ensures the continued use of the machine for all your outdoor excursions.

Bluetti AC180 at the beach putting some little lights

Lightweight and Resourceful

A portable power station can administer electricity to many devices, including cooking appliances, computers, fans, etc. They are versatile for whatever supplies your camping trip requires. 

Their portability makes them lightweight and easily transportable, making their use simple and hassle-free. 

Low Maintenance

Users do not have to worry much about the upkeep of these devices. They can have long-lasting battery life. All you need to focus on is ensuring the power station has enough charge. After this, plug in your other equipment, and you are good to go!


Finally, new-model power stations are quiet. Older models would sometimes have a loud hum that requires campfire chatter to be louder than usual. However, power stations like the BLUETTI AC180 are near-noiseless, so you can talk as you would without one.

The BLUETTI AC180 Power Station 

Several features of this power station are critical for camping or living offline. You should understand them before making your purchase and taking the BLUETTIE AC180 on your next adventure. Let’s discuss them in depth: 

Power and Capacity

The primary power capacity is 1800W. However, you can adjust this based on usage requirements. When you need a more intense power kick, switch to the 2700W output mode. This is ideal for powering pure-resistive heating devices like hair dryers or electric kettles.

There is also an ECO mode for when you need power but want to conserve how much you use. The setting employs an automatic on/off process that only supplies power when necessary.

The BLUETTI AC180 uses a LiFePO₄ (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery, a long-lasting source that ensures the strength of the power station. Users can expect about ten years for its lifespan and at least 3,500 life cycles. 

Girl getting the Bluetti AC180 out of the box

Charging Methods

There are multiple ways to charge up this power station which is a great advantage for travellers who may not know where to find their next power outlet. The unit has cords and charging cables to power up the devices through AC outlets. 

When wired power is inaccessible, the BLUETTI AC180 can run on solar power. 

Take advantage of the sun’s abundant energy by fully topping up your device in a short period using a combination of AC and solar power or solely relying on sustainable solar energy. With this flexible and eco-friendly charging system, you can maximize the benefits of the sun’s power.

The other charging options are in the car with electric hook-ups or with a lead-acid battery. No matter which option you choose, you can expect the device to charge up to 80 percent of its capacity in less than one hour!

App Control 

Users can control the power station from anywhere with the app. It uses Bluetooth connectivity to adhere to your requests. The app also supplies you with interesting data about your usage, including management statistics and data about your current usage.

Screenshot from the Bluetti App

Should You Use the BLUETTI AC180 for Your Next Adventure?

The BLUETTI AC180 power station is highly versatile and can charge many devices simultaneously. Plus, the station itself does not take a long time to charge—up to 80 percent in 45 minutes!

The design of the machine stays true to what a portable power station should look like. It is easy to move around as you travel. To adventurers, this is the most valuable feature. The BLUETTI AC180 is reliable and low maintenance. 

Overall, this portable power station is an excellent consideration for your next outdoor adventure and a reliable source for power-outage emergencies.

The Final Word

The BLUETTI AC180 power station is a top-of-the-line solution for providing reliable and efficient power during your next camping trip. 

It is compact, and its portable design ensures easy transport and storage, making it the perfect addition to your camping gear. Experience peace of mind and reliable power during your camping excursions with the BLUETTI AC180 power station.
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