Zero Breeze mark 2 review

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review – Our Honest Review

The development team behind the battery-powered Zero Breeze Mark 2 was looking for an air conditioner that would be lightweight, portable and has sufficient cooling power. They succeeded with their newest product design.

This Zero Breeze Mark 2 review will show how they really went about achieving the required combination for a fully functional portable ac unit. 

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a great cordless battery-powered AC unit, and we have taken it upon ourselves to break down its functionality and capability.

So, let’s get right to it:

A Brief Review of the First Zero Breeze Mark AC Unit

More than 47% of Americans went camping in 2020, according to Statista (Statista, 2022).

Furthermore, over 2 million people live in modest cabins without power which can get really hot very quickly in the summertime.

And for situations like these, the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is ideal for motorhomes and camping. 

A mini-split air conditioning system cannot be installed in a tent, and without electricity, an air conditioning unit is just inaccessible in motorhomes and cabins. 

Ordinary air conditioners simply will not function in any of the stated conditions. This was when the first Zero Breeze Mark stepped in and became the first battery-powered air conditioner in the world. It claimed to fulfill every function. 

However, there were also criticisms regarding the first model. It did not have strong enough power to cool an entire room despite having a high power consumption, it kept dispelling hot air, and the ambient temperature would fluctuate every other hour.

It makes sense that the first product using the new cordless AC technology won’t be completely error-free. So, with the first zero breeze mark, Zero Breeze gained a lot of knowledge and aimed to improve upon its functions in the next model, which is what they did. 

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 Review – The Best Portable Air Conditioner

The criticisms of the Mark 1 that individuals had were all taken into consideration and fixed, and the Zero Breeze Mark 2 is now regarded as such: 

It has power that can produce 2,300 BTU compared to 1,100 BTU Mark 1 due to its new rotary compressor.

Its dual hose system allows cool air to flow in one pipe and hot air to be dispelled out the other to keep the entire unit cool.

It can lower the temperature by 30°F in 10 minutes when chilling at its highest setting. This is extremely exceptional for an air conditioner that runs on batteries. 

This Zero Breeze Mark II review will cover every facet of the brand-new battery-powered air conditioner. The cooling system, battery capacity, dual hose technology, energy efficiency rating (EER), and other related specifications will be examined. 

How Does Zero Breeze Mark II Air Conditioner Function?

For all practical purposes, turning the Zero Breeze AC on and off may be your only contact with the appliance. However, if you look more closely, you can see how the entire system operates: 

The Mark 2 functions just like a traditional portable air conditioner, with the power source being the only major difference. 

The grid’s electricity powers a standard ACs uint, while the Mark 2 uses a 24V battery for power. 

Zero Breeze Mark 2 Australia uses the same cooling system as a typical car’s air conditioner. The Mark 2 is different in that the compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and radiator are crammed into its small 20′′L x 10′′W x 11′′H frame:

To chill the air, the Mark 2 uses the same regenerative cycle as conventional AC units. 

The compressor, of course, is essential to this cycle. The rotary compressor in Mark 2 is an improvement over the compressor in Mark 1. The phrase “The Only Rotary Compressor Battery-Powered AC” is frequently used by Zero Breeze in their promotional ads since it is so amazing. 

Important Components of the Mark 2 Portable AC Unit 

Front Side

The Zero Breeze air conditioner gets its cool air from the exhaust in the front part of the unit. Additionally, Zero Breeze comes with an exhaust pipe, so you may easily direct the flow of cold air. If you’re using it for cooling power, this is extremely helpful for a truly portable air conditioner designed to deliver maximum efficiency.

Middle Part

The expansion valve and compressor, which make up the power unit of every portable air conditioner, are located in the centre of the device. These parts make it easier for all the cold air to flow smoothly and cool any compartment it is in.

Back Side

A condenser with dual hose exhaust is located at the back since users need a dual hose system, with one hose drawing in cool air and quickly transferring heat to the outside. 

The hot air exhaust hose must be expelled from the tent, car, RV, boat, and so on. You can also include an electrical plug and drain located at the back. 

Made with SunPower’s highest-efficiency Maxeon GEN6 solar cells, cell efficiency up to 24.5%

Battery Power of the Zero Breeze

If the condenser is the portable AC unit’s main energy supply, the portable battery is unquestionably regarded as the fuel that powers it.  

The Zero Breeze Mark II includes a large 24V lithium-ion battery. The 12V battery in the Mark I was one of its biggest flaws which is why the new Zero Breeze AC fixes this by utilising the 24V voltage. 

The battery also has a 35Ah capacity as opposed to the battery for the previous model, which was 43 Ah. 

The improved Mark 2 smart and portable battery serves as the heart of the Zero Breeze AC system. 

In comparison to Mark I battery, Zero Breeze Mark II power supply offers a +76% capacity increase. 

This should keep the battery-powered air conditioner’s running time in check for around 5 hours. Although in reality, the battery lasts for around 3 hours, which is a more reasonable estimate. 

However, it only has to be plugged into a wall outlet for an hour to be recharged. If a wall outlet is not feasible, a solar panel or the cigarette lighter of a car can be used to charge the portable AC unit.

Overall, the battery is very astounding in its itself, considering any battery-operated AC equipment must have such a huge battery in order to function.

The crucial detail, however, is that the unit costs around $699 simply for the battery, which is something you should take into account before purchasing the appliance (Zero Breeze, n.d.). 

While this price point may be a lot for a simple battery, it just serves as proof that the Zero Breeze Mark 2 battery is anything from “simple.” It is the primary component of the innovation that makes Zero Breeze Mark 2 conceivable. 

Cooling Power and Temperature Decrease of the Zero Breeze Mark 2

Of course, if an air conditioner can’t cool us off, even one that is portable and powered by batteries, it is useless. 

We must remember that Zero Breeze is not an air conditioner designed to cool the entire house.

However, the Mark 2’s 2,300 BTU cooling power is ideal for a smaller space like: 

  • A 2-4 person tent, making it perfect for camping. 
  • Vehicles (especially bigger ones like SUVs and vans.  
  • RVs and other motorhomes 
  • Boats

The Mark 2 performs well in areas with a relatively small space. In fact, it has the ability to reduce the temperature by up to 30 degrees in just ten minutes. By itself, that’s a significant accomplishment. 

When camping, Zero Breeze is extremely helpful, especially during hot summer nights. 

For instance, the smaller room coolers have a capacity of 6,000–8,000 BTU. 2,300 BTU looks insignificant in comparison to that. 

However, 115 square feet of space can be cooled with 2,300 BTU. According to an EPA recommendation about coolant capacity, the Zero Breeze’s 2,300 BTU capacity can chill roughly 1,000 cubic feet of air.

That’s a significant amount of cooling capacity. Because the Mark 1’s cooling capability was just 1,100 BTU, there were several issues. Now, the improved Mark 2 is well-equipped to stay cool in even larger rooms because of its 2,300 BTU cooling capability. 

EER Score and Power 

The Mark 2 smart battery must create a significant amount of electricity in order to produce those 2,300 BTUs. 240 Watts of power, to be precise. 

The 240W is made feasible by the 24V voltage as well as the Mark 2’s amperage, which is 10 amps. 

The energy-efficiency rating for Mark 2 is 9.6, which is an extraordinary rating for a portable cooler.

For Zero Breeze and all battery-operated air conditioners, this is a significant benefit since technology that runs on batteries is highly energy-efficient. All battery-operated AC devices have some physical restrictions, which is just the way these devices are. 

However, it must be noted that the Mark 2 has the greatest energy-efficiency rating of all battery-powered devices. 

Weight And Sound Levels 

Picture yourself camping out in the wilderness. The quietness of your surroundings, the peace and serenity of the rustling wind, the journey it will take to trek to the location of your tent pitch. You need your portable AC to do two things in this tranquil and pure environment:

Be fully quiet—you don’t want to listen to it or disrupt the environment.

Be portable and compact so that it shouldn’t be too difficult to carry. 

Reading any Zero Breeze Mark 2 review will make it clear that this battery-operated product is both of those things. The noise level of the Zero Breeze portable AC unit is 52 dB which is comparable to that of your standard refrigerator.

However, keeping the weight down is a tougher challenge than keeping the sound levels down. This is due to the fact that it requires a battery, and batteries with as much energy as the Mark 2 battery tend to be hefty. 

The appliance uses lithium-ion batteries to keep the Mark 2 as light as possible. This is a common strategy for smartphone manufacturers; the iPhone, for instance, has a lithium-ion battery that can support more than 70% of the device’s weight.

This is also the case for the Mark 2. The company developers were able to create a battery-powered AC that weighs only 16.5 lbs and has 2,300 BTU of power that can last up to 5 hours using lightweight energy. 

So although you can’t carry it for more than five or ten miles, you can easily walk with it for up to a mile and place it in a vehicle, Motorhome, or boat. 

Pros and Cons of the Zero Breeze Mark 2


The portable AC unit is one of the most useful pieces of camping equipment you will ever own. The Zero Breeze Mark 2, in particular, is ideal for camping since it has so many upgrades, like a 2,300 BTU cooling power, and a 24V lithium-ion battery. Not to mention it is quiet (52 dB) and light (16.5 lbs) equipment. 

The battery-operated AC unit also has the highest energy efficiency with an EER rated voltage of 9.6. 

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 operates when attached to a power source or a power adapter and has an incredible design that will give you tonnes of personal satisfaction during your travels. It also has a cordless option.


The device can be quite expensive due to the revolutionary system used to build it, despite all of its benefits.

Additionally, the battery can only be utilised for up to 5 hours before it needs to be recharged


Given the Zero Breeze Mark 2’s specifications, it makes sense why this battery-powered portable AC unit is regarded as the best of its kind. Nevertheless, it has a killer price to match its amazing specs and great aesthetics.

However, if the portable AC is out of your price point, we would suggest that you look for other portable air conditioners.

The Mark 2 is, all things considered, the most outstanding AC unit we have ever tested. This is the precise AC unit you need to bring on a camping vacation,

The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is undoubtedly one of the greatest cooling systems since it creates a cooler environment everywhere you go, even if there isn’t an electrical outlet nearby. Employing a compressor to generate the coolness, it removed the ongoing maintenance associated with portable ACs.

Because it can also utilise solar output power to recharge when equipped with the right battery, we think this is one of the finest portable coolers for camping. 

If you want to be sure that your camper or mobile home has one of the best portable air conditioners for RVs, this is one option that prioritises quality by utilising cutting-edge technology to keep you cool. 

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The Mark 2 offers greater features, capabilities, and power than the Mark 1, including a USB port, a DC jack output, a venting hose and fast cooling capacity. The Zero Breeze Mark 2 is a genuine appliance thanks to its effective cooling, extended battery life, in car charging option and design. 

Even if it is heavier and bulkier than we originally anticipated, it is still one of the most lightweight and powerful devices you can get. Therefore, in general, this is the ideal portable air conditioner for trips, camping, fishing, trailers, and RVs. 

The portable air conditioner is a fantastic option for keeping you and your companions cool in the sweltering heat.


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