Dani standing at the bottom of Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls – A Quick Stop on Your Journey Through the Waterfall Way

If you’re looking for a quick and easy waterfall to visit in the Atherton Tablelands Region, look no further than Zillie Falls.

This waterfall is one of three spectacular falls located in the Waterfalls Circuit, including Millaa Millaa Falls and Ellinjaa Falls in Wooroonooran National Park in Far North Queensland.

This pretty impressive waterfall has an informal dirt track down to the base of the falls and a viewing platform just a short walk from the car park. Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Zillie Falls.


Address: Zillie Falls, Wooroonooran 4886 Queensland Australia

Zillie Falls is located approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes from Cairns, or a 10-minute drive from the town of Millaa Millaa, in the Wooroonooran National Park and east of Bluff Forest Reserve.

The best way to experience the beauty of Zillie Falls is to drive the Waterfall Circuit. These falls are the middle of three waterfalls along the picturesque Theresa Creek Road.

How to Get to Zille Falls

There are two ways to get to Zillie Falls: You may drive there or book a waterfall tour to Millaa Millaa.

Driving from Cairns

The easiest way to get to Zillie Falls is by car. If you don’t have your own, you can hire one here.

The drive from Cains to Zillie Falls is a scenic one. Before arriving at the falls car park, you’ll wind through lush rainforests and past gurgling creeks. 

From Cairns:

1. Head south on the Bruce Highway for about 30 km until you see the also famous Walsh’s Pyramid;

2. Follow State Route 52 to Lake Barrine Rd in Yungaburra

3. Follow Lake Barrine Rd to Patrick St/State Route 25 in Malanda

4. Follow the signs to Millaa Millaa.

5. The Waterfall Circuit Road (Theresa Creek Road) is about a minute from the small Millaa Millaa town.

The falls are all very well signed, so that you will have no issues finding any of them.

This is a parking area only; there are no facilities. Cross the road, and you will find the access track to Zillie Falls.

Waterfall tour to Millaa Millaa

We found it quite hard to find a tour that included Zillie Falls as a stop. Most tours only go to the most popular Millaa Millaa falls, not the other two in the Waterfall Circuit.

We did, however, find one tour check it out here that stops at the three spectacular waterfalls (Millaa Millaa, Zillie and Ellinjaa Falls) that form the Waterfalls Circuit, and another tour check it out here that stops at both Millaa Millaa Falls and Zillie Falls.

Best Time to Visit Zille Falls

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for. If you want to experience Zillie Falls to its fullest, the best time to visit is during the wet season (November to April). This is when the waterfalls are at their fullest, and the vegetation is at its lushest.

If you’re looking for a more relaxed experience, the best time to visit Zillie Falls is early morning or late afternoon.

However, no matter when you visit, one thing is for sure: Zillie Falls is a permanent waterfall that will take your breath away.

Wade standing at the bottom of Zillie Falls

What to Expect at Zillie Falls

Zillie Falls is a hidden gem in Tropical North Queensland. Tucked away in the rainforest, this secluded waterfall is the perfect spot for some photos of the beautiful surroundings.

You can admire the falls from the lovely viewing platform or by taking the informal dirt track down to the base of the falls.

Zille Falls Viewing Platform

The Zillie Falls Viewing Platform is just a short walk from the car park. To get there, simply cross the road after parking your car and follow the signs from the parking lot.

Once you arrive at the platform, you’ll be treated to a great view of the top of the falls; now, you can simply relax. However, if you want a better perspective on the size of the falls and have better views, you’ll have to go to the base via a tricky and slippery track.

Dani walking down to Zille Falls and stopped at a tree

Walking to The Base of Zillie Falls

The track that takes you to the base of Zillie Falls is an unofficial track. There are no markings or signs to help you find it, so we think many people walk by it. I know we almost did.

Once you find the viewing platform, walk to the centre of it until you see a small opening in the bushes. This is where the track starts. Continue down this path, and you will come to a clearing that opens up into a wider track. In 10 minutes, you should arrive at the waterfall’s base.

The path isn’t very well made, so proceed with caution. For children and the elderly, it may be best to avoid it.

While you might be excited to swim in the waterfall, I wouldn’t get your hopes up. The shallow water and large rocks line the hole, so it’s not the best place for a swimming adventure.

There are a few shallow rock pools if you’re only looking to cool off from the walk down, but swimming isn’t recommended. If you want to swim in a waterfall, try the neighbouring Millaa Millaa and Ellinjaa Falls, which are also part of the Atherton Tablelands Waterfall Circuit.