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The Best Diesel Heaters for Caravans in Australia

If you’re looking for the best caravan diesel heater in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. This blog post will review some of the top diesel heaters on the market and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each diesel heater so that you can make an informed decision before purchasing one. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

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Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Twin Outlet with Ducting & Digital Controller

Webasto 12V Diesel Heater Single Outlet with Ducting & Digital Controller

Truma Combi D6 Diesel Heater / Hot Water System Kit

Autorem 12V 2kW Diesel Air Heater Kit with Digital Controller








2 Years

2 Years

2 Years

2 Years

Heat Output

Up to 2000W

Up to 2000W

Up to 6000W

Up to 2000W

Diesel Consumption

0.12-0.24 l/h

0.12-0.24 l/h

220 - 630 ml/h

0.1-0.24 L/h

Dimensions (mm)





Weight (kg)










Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Twin Outlet with Ducting & Digital Controller

product shot of the Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Twin Outlet

Webasto has been a leading name in the heating industry for over 100 years. They produce high-quality products that have earned them an excellent reputation in the caravan industry.

This unit is no exception. The Webasto diesel heater is one of the best on the market. It features two outlets for ducting so that you can heat multiple areas of your caravan at once. Additionally, it comes with a digital controller, making it easy to adjust the temperature.

The only downside to this diesel heater is that it is quite expensive. However, if you’re looking for the best, this is the diesel heater for you.

This heater is fuel-efficient and gets the job done without any problems. It comes with a 2-year warranty.



  • Full installation kit Included

  • Air intake silencer included

  • Two outlets for ducting

  • Digital controller

  • Uses about 0.12-0.24 l/h of diesel

  • It weighs in at 2.6kg

  • 2-year warranty

  • Requires additional fuel tank (if no diesel fuel tank is 

  • already installed)
    The fuel hose is just 6m long.


Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Twin Outlet

Webasto 12V Diesel Heater Single Outlet with Ducting & Digital Controller

Product shot of the Webasto 12V Diesel Heater Single Outlet

The Webasto diesel heater is a great option for anyone looking to stay warm and cozy on chilly days. Featuring a powerful diesel engine, this heater can quickly and efficiently heat any space, no matter how large or small. 

The heater has a few unique features that make it stand out from the rest. It does not just to warm your caravan but also dehumidifies the air to keep things cool and dry to help prevent mould from growing inside your van. Additionally, the digital controller makes it easy to set and monitor the temperature.

As with the other Webasto heater, this one is also quite expensive. However, it is worth the investment if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line diesel heater.

The parts used by this heater to keep you warm are a little more efficient than other heaters. It will only take around 1 litre of diesel for 5-6 hours of use.

The diesel heater installation kit is an excellent way to ensure you’re never without heating in your camper van. This includes everything from the controller to a 60 mm ducting house with an air outlet and heater brackets. All this comes in one convenient package!

Overall, if you are looking for a reliable diesel heater that will keep you comfortable all year round, then the Webasto 12V diesel heater is definitely worth considering.



  • Heats quickly and efficiently

  • Dehumidifies air

  • Digital controller

  • Consumes 0.12-0.24 l/h of diesel

  • 2-year warranty  

  • The installation manual can be confusing

  • Requires additional fuel tank (if no diesel fuel tank is already installed)


Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Single Outlet

Truma Combi D6 Diesel Heater / Hot Water System Kit

Product shot of the combi d6 Heater

The Truma Combi D6 is the perfect solution for those who want their caravan to be warm and also heat water.

This diesel air heater can put out a more heat than the other heaters on the list, reaching 6kW and can heat water in around 20 mins.

The extra heat means that the unit’s fuel consumption is slightly higher. But even though it uses more fuel, it is still efficient because it produces heat for both hot water and heating.

The large heat source makes this heater great for bigger caravans or motorhomes. It can also heat multiple rooms at once, which is perfect for those who like to travel with family or friends.

This diesel heater also comes with a handy remote control so that you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in the caravan.

The Truma Combi D6 diesel heater is a great option for anyone who wants a reliable and powerful diesel heater. It is perfect for larger caravans or motorhomes and can heat multiple rooms at once.



  • Space-saving design

  • Silent fan

  • 4 Hot air outlets

  • It has a 10L water tank 

  • Heavy at 16.2kg

  • Expensive

  • It takes up a lot of space


Truma Combi D6 Diesel Heater / Hot Water System Kit

Autorem 12V 2kW Diesel Air Heater Kit with Digital Controller

Product shpt pf the Autorem 12V 2kW Diesel Air Heater

The Autoterm 2kW heater is the perfect solution for those on a budget. It offers excellent value and performs just as well as the other brands that cost twice as much.

The quality of this unit is top-notch and not like other cheap diesel heaters. It’s made from Russian and German parts, which makes it even better.

The innovative design of the Autoterm unit has been engineered to reduce noise as much as it can, with features like a redesigned fuel pump system and balanced fan operation.

This diesel heater also comes with a convenient remote control so that you can adjust the temperature from anywhere in your caravan.

The Autorem 12V diesel heater is a great option for anyone who wants an affordable and reliable diesel heater. It offers excellent value and is made from high-quality parts.



  • Affordable

  • Made from high-quality parts

  • Convenient remote control

  • Quiet operation

  • Heavier than other models at 6.5kg


Webasto 12v Diesel Heater Twin Outlet

How does a caravan diesel heater work?

A caravan diesel heater is an essential accessory for anyone who likes to spend time travelling and camping in their caravan. These heaters work by using the power of diesel fuel to generate heat inside the caravan, providing a warm and cozy environment that helps you to stay comfortable and relaxed during your travels.

The basic design of a caravan diesel heater involves a heating unit that converts the diesel fuel into heat, which is then pushed into the space through the vents or other openings. Some caravan diesel heaters also feature additional features such as fans or blowers to help direct the heat more effectively throughout the space.

Additionally, many modern diesel heaters are equipped with clog-free filters that prevent dust and dirt from accumulating in the system, helping to keep it functioning smoothly over time. Overall, a caravan diesel heater can be an essential tool for ensuring that your travels are always enjoyable and relaxing.

A caravan diesel heater operates over four steps.

1. Combustion

The heater brings in outside air through an intake duct and introduces it to the combustion chamber, where diesel fuel is also added. Combustion occurs, producing hot gases that pass through a metal heat exchanger before being expelled out of your caravan door or window.

2. Air Inlet for Cold Air

Next, the diesel heater uses an intake duct which allows cool air to be pulled into one side of it.

3. Conversion of Cold Air Into Hot Air

The cold air is heated as it passes through the exchanger, which is being heated by the hot gases on the other side.

4. Hot Air Moves To The Outlet

The heater’s warm, clean air warms up the inside of your caravan until it reaches a comfortable temperature.

How diesel heaters convert fuel to heat

Diesel heaters work by using a diesel-powered combustion process to generate heat. This process begins when the diesel fuel is injected into the heater’s combustion chamber. The diesel then ignites and starts to burn, producing heat in the process.

This heat is then transferred from the combustion chamber to the surrounding air via a series of metal fins or other heat-conducting materials. The heated air then circulates throughout the caracan, providing a consistent and comfortable temperature that helps you to enjoy your travels.

The types of diesel heaters available

There are a few different types of diesel caravan heaters available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The most common type of diesel heater is the vented diesel heater, which releases the heated air into the space through a series of vents.

These heaters are typically very effective at heating up your space quickly and evenly, but they can be noisy and may require additional ventilation in order to function properly. Another type of diesel heater is the unvented diesel heater, which does not release the heated air into the space.

Instead, these heaters rely on convection to circulate the air, making them much quieter than vented diesel heaters. However, unvented diesel heaters can take longer to heat up your space and may not be as effective at evenly distributing the heat.

Safety tips when using a diesel heater

As with any type of heater, it’s important to take some basic safety precautions when using a diesel heater in your caravan. First, always make sure that the area around the heater is clear of any flammable materials such as paper or cloth.

Additionally, it’s important to keep the doors and windows of the caravan open slightly when using the heater, as this will help to ventilate the space and prevent the build-up of dangerous fumes. Finally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when using the heater, and never leave it unattended while it’s in operation.

By following these simple safety tips, you can help to ensure that your diesel heater is always used safely and effectively.

Why would you install a diesel heater in a caravan?

There are many reasons why you might want to install a diesel heater in a caravan. Diesel heaters are very efficient, and they can help to reduce your overall energy costs. They are also very safe, and they will not pose a fire risk like some other types of heaters.

Diesel heaters emit very little smoke and fumes, making them ideal for use in enclosed spaces like caravans.

Diesel heaters are relatively low maintenance, and they will not require much in the way of repairs or upkeep. All of these factors make diesel heaters an attractive option for anyone who is looking for an alternative to electric or gas heater.

Caravan Diesel Heater Installed

Fuel Tanks

The addition of another diesel device to your caravan’s cooking and the heating system makes sense. In the case where you have a camper van that already has a diesel tank for fuel consumption, no additional tank is necessary because it can be plumbed directly into the existing tank.


Generally priced between $250 and $350o. An electric heater is much less expensive than a diesel heater. However, in the long run, they will work out to be cheaper and generate cleaner and more efficient heat.


Diesel heaters produce dry, clean heat, whereas LPG heaters produce wet heat, which creates humidity and condensation. The propane that is a part of LPG is not easily burned, and the burner burns only propane.


Most diesel heaters are sold as kits that contain everything that will be required, including wiring, ducting and mounting. However, the diesel fuel tank and other optional components (such as the silencer) will be extra.

Where can I put a diesel heater in a caravan?

Diesel heaters can be placed in a number of different locations in a caravan, depending on the size and layout of the vehicle. The most common location is under the seats or in the storage area, as this allows for easy access and ventilation.

Another option is to install the heater in the ceiling, which can help to save space. However, it is important to ensure that there is enough clearance around the heater to prevent any fires. Wherever you decide to place your diesel heater, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Are caravan diesel heaters noisy?

While diesel heaters are a popular choice for many caravanners, some people have raised concerns about their noise levels. There is certainly some truth to this concern, as diesel heaters can emit a certain amount of noise when operated at full capacity.

However, most diesel heaters come with a number of different settings and features that allow users to choose the level of noise that best suits their needs. For example, many diesel heaters offer an economy mode that reduces the amount of noise generated by the device and also helps to save energy.

Additionally, modern diesel caravans are usually insulated to minimize ambient sound, making it easier to enjoy your diesel heater without being disturbed by excessive background noise. In short, while diesel heaters do tend to be somewhat noisy when used at full capacity, careful consideration and the right set-up can help mitigate this issue and allow you to fully enjoy your caravan diesel heater without disturbance.

How much does it cost to install a diesel heater in a caravan?

The main price for the installation of diesel heaters on the caravan is its own expense. These range in cost between $250 and $3000 for a premium European manufacturer. The installation itself may need a handyman’s help, and it takes roughly one day to complete.

Are diesel heaters safe in caravans?

Diesel heating units are increasingly used in caravans for their heating and are considered safe. All exhaust gases are directly out of the combustion unit through an exhaust tube to the outside.